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The Catalina Film Festival


Your visit to Catalina Island doesn’t need to be entirely focused on sightseeing. You can spend your time meaningfully by taking part in any of the grand events held on the island. The most popular Hotel in Catalina Island, Metropole Hotel, makes special arrangements for accommodation and food for tourists when big events like the Catalina Film festival is being held.

About the Catalina Film Festival

The Catalina Film festival, founded by Ron Truppa, is an annual event. Unsurprisingly, it is a festival that draws a good number of tourists to Catalina Island. To welcome tourists coming from different parts of the world to participate in the film festival, a few Catalina hotel chains on the island introduce numerous packages. Hotel Metropole deserves special mentioning in this regard, as they offer the most luxurious stay in the most competitive prices in all seasons.

The main venue of the festival is Avalon Casino. It can host as much as 6,200 people at a time. Another venue is the Avalon Theater, which is the world’s first sound theater. It has the capacity of hosting 1,154 people. It was opened in 1928.

Many Hollywood celebrities come to Avalon Theater to watch their movie premiere here. Similarly, many Hollywood icons including D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, and Cecil B. DeMille screened their first talkie films in Avalon Theater. Marilyn Monroe used to watch her favorite movies at Avalon Theater while she was on the island with her first husband.

More Than 100 Films Screened

Thousands of actors, directors, scriptwriters, and cinematographers from different parts of the world attend the Catalina Island Film festival, making it one of the world’s biggest film festivals. The audience can get the list of movies going to be screened and their respective venues in advance so that they can ensure they don’t miss any of their favorite movies.


Catalina Hotel Metropole extends their services to cater to the numerous needs of movie-lovers coming from different parts of the world to the island for the Catalina Film festival. If you were planning a trip to Catalina Island, contact Hotel Metropole to make reservations and get details about the Catalina Film festival to book your rooms in advanced.